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The Tetragon Project is the music of the future in 3D...

You are transported by sound so immersive it is almost visual. It becomes a unifying experience of emotion, soul, and mind. The 3D multi sensory audio experience is as groundbreaking as the leap from black and white film to technicolour, or from silent movies to talkies.

Because of the idiosyncratic method of developing and composing soundscapes, the Tetragon Project is an unusual Musical Art project that has its origins in many years of intensive study of the creation and imaging of music, in perfectly reproduced 3D spatial dimensionality.

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Out now ! | Available at: www.livingimmersive.com

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TETRAGON PROJECT  | Live at Ligeti Hall | KUG University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

TETRAGON PROJECT | The three masterminds talking about their project. Enjoy!

Composer and audio producer Stefan Zaradic was inspired to think and compose music in 3D from the very beginning. With this in mind, he enlisted the experienced musician, composer and producer Wolfgang Opitz to work alongside him. For the realization of the live performances, they brought in the classical percussionist Wolfram Winkel, who as an expert in musical minimalism was often on stage together with Steve Reich.

In intensive improvisation sessions, supported by the exceptional musicians Andreas Keller, Bernhard Locker and Heather Burnett-Rose, extraordinary, artistic compositions and sound worlds were created that developed a distinctive musical language beyond learned song structures and musical forms. 

Detached from conventional structures, in interplay with atmospheres and acousmatic sounds, the ethos of the Tetragon Project is to constantly explore and develop novel possibilities of music and sound in immersive, spatial settings.

In July 2016, a first part of these extraordinary compositions was presented to an enthusiastic audience in a world premiere, live in the famous Ligeti Hall in the Mumuth of the KUG University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (Austria). The Tetragon Project is developing a live performance music and art installation for future touring.

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TETRAGON PROJECT LIVE | Ligeti Hall | University of Music and Performing Arts Graz | Photo: Alexander Wenzel

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TETRAGON PROJECT "Oracles" | 3 min. Film and Music Snipet | Film Art by Heather Rose Burnett

More infos: www.tetragon-project.com

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